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how to spend non spendable funds

do you have a watch only address that is showing non spendable and you are seeing some
crazy amount of btc but can’t get access to it? in a step by step process we will teach
you manually or using a software on how to make the funds spendable in less than
45minuites the funds will be released and become spendable that was easy and fast right?
the most succesfulpeople are those who work smart and always ready to try new adventures

fake bitcoin transactions

Just as you read the heading it is very possible to send fake btc to someone and they
receive the funds in their wallet addresses with 3 confirmations.You can prank someone
it can be a friend or love one for fun.It is possible to send any amount btc but note that
the receiver wont be able to spend the money and the money can be transferred to another
wallet and so on but after 72 hours the funds will disappear from any wallet it finds
itself so you can trick someone using it but it will only last for 3 days but either way you
can cancel the the transaction when you so please before the 72 hours elapses you can
you can contact support to inquire more about the software

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