How to Hack Bitcoin Private Key

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Physical wallets can be lost and stolen. And the same goes for digital wallets, especially those containing cryptocurrencies. Blockchain wallets consist of two keys:

  • Public key: similar to a bank account number you share to receive funds
  • Private key: sort of a security code used to withdraw funds

If your private key is stolen, it’s the equivalent of losing your credit or debit card with the PIN code written on the back of it. No need to explain what will happen to your account next.

Keeping your private keys stored online, say, in a file on your computer isn’t really a wise idea. If hackers access your computer, they can easily find the file and use it.

For that reason, security experts always suggest keeping a hard copy of your private keys. Since a piece of paper doesn’t seem like the most resilient way of storing your keys, it’s also a good idea to laminate it so that your morning coffee won’t ruin your financial stability.

In some cases, hot wallet services like Crypterium, Wirex or will store your private keys for you, saving you the trouble of handling it yourself. Obviously, you should only entrust your keys to respected providers such as the aforementioned.